If you are not eligible for COBRA, HIPAA, insurance plan conversion, state continuation, Medicaid, Medicare, or any kind of kind of state-sponsored healthcare program, yet require budget friendly health insurance in New York, you could have to buy an individual medical insurance strategy.

Many people sigh at the idea of acquiring a specific medical insurance strategy– and also permanently reason. Individual medical insurance plans are often a lot more expensive than the optimal healthcare protection– employer-sponsored group medical insurance plans. Nevertheless, in New york city, you can acquire an inexpensive individual medical insurance plan for a number of reasons.

Initially, when you lay out to purchase a specific health insurance strategy in New York, you could not be turned down as a result of your certain health and wellness disorders. This is fantastic news since many people with pre-existing health and wellness disorders often have a difficult time finding health insurance companies that will certainly offer health insurance to them. Health insurance business check out folks with pre-existing or major wellness disorders as higher risks to insure. They see them as possibly lost money. Yet, in New york city, there are health insurance companies that will certainly not transform you down despite any sort of pre-existing health and wellness conditions you could have, or the extent of the health disorder.

Second, you will certainly not be charged a higher health insurance price due to your pre-existing health problem, despite the extent of your pre-existing health disorder. This is a lot more excellent news, because people with pre-existing wellness disorders that do handle to acquire individual medical insurance plans do so for a high rate. They need medical insurance, especially since they require care for their pre-existing health and wellness disorders; nonetheless, as a result of their pre-existing health conditions, they pay high costs. It’s a vicious circle that New York is working toward finishing.

For more information regarding the health insurance companies that provide these individual medical insurance plans and their contact info, speak to the New York Insurance coverage Department.

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