Numerous people take an excellent evening’s sleep for provided. We rest peacefully through the evening blissfully unaware that around 10 % of the grown-up populace has their rest interrupted by repeated episodes of upper air passage failure, otherwise referred to as oppositional rest apnea or OSA.

It is estimated that over 20 million individuals in the US alone suffer from OSA and also worse still, approximately 90 % of those are undiagnosed. If you, a friend or family member has been identified with OSA, you are not alone, However, you are well on your means to leading a much better lifestyle.

Constant favorable air passage tension (CPAP) is the most usual and also efficient therapy for OSA. It entails applying a gentle air pressure to the air passage via either the nose, mouth or both the nose and also mouth. This pressure keeps the upper air passage continually open enabling the user to take a breath while resting, and also in doing so provides an excellent night’s rest. This treatment has been used to deal with OSA victims effectively for over 20 years!

The Vigor8 ™ Lifestyle Program, offered you by Fisher & Paykel Health care, is a helpful educational source and also web-tool for those which cope with OSA and those who assist as well as look after them. is the house of a thorough collection of support materials and also devices for living and also sleeping well. See the site for more information.

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