What is Nurse Healthcare All About?

By Karen P Williams

Nurses can rightfully be considered as the main driving force of the healthcare industry around the world. Nurses and healthcare are two words that become almost meaningless without one another. In an everyday life that a nurse spends in a medical facility, he or she plays many roles. The nurse healthcare sector is totally depended on doctors. The doctors are in charge of directing and guiding the nurses, and everything that a nurse does, has to be reported to the doctor. These include providing medications and assistance to patients as well as keeping the doctor updated on any improvements or issues regarding the health of the patient. A nurse who is very alert and responsible during his or her duty hours can be of valuable help, both to the patients and the doctor.

One of the most important and responsible duty of any nurse is to carefully see and check if all the patients have been closely examined or not. After a patient is admitted to the hospital and is placed under observation, a nurse is assigned for regular care of the patient. The nurse has to take care of the physical condition of the patient and note down any changes in the physical or emotional behavior of the patient. Technically, it is now up to the nurse to chalk out a care plan for the patient and make sure that is executed to the minutest detail.

The nurses in the nurse healthcare industry play a very important role in the professional life of the doctor, too. Since it is the nurse’s job to note down every significant detail of the patient, the medications that are being administered to the patient and also the reactions to the medications, they can be considered as the virtual eyes and ears of the doctor. Doctors heavily rely on the data that has been filled by nurses to continue the course of medications. It can be safely said that a nurse, even though under the directives of a doctor, is completely responsible for the cure and well being of a patient. If it weren’t for the nurses, it would have become very difficult for the doctors to run any kind of medical facilities.

Majority of the people think that nursing only involves treating the patient with medications. They, however, tend to forget that it is these nurses who have to explain to the patient about the treatment that he is receiving and about the medications that he or she is given. They also have to keep a check on the emotional behavior of the patient. A nurse has to be patient like a teacher. It can be said that, to an extent, teaching also becomes a part of nursing.

There are many exciting career options for people who have gained experience in the nursing field. Take for example, traveling. If you are a nurse and love traveling, you could choose to be a traveling nurse. Or, if you have planned to join the military, you could become a military nurse. Also, if forensic sciences interest you, you could go in for forensic nursing.

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